If you have a Xermac or ERM Electrical Discharge Machine (sometimes referred to as “Zermac”), there isn’t anyone better at repairing, upgrading, or rebuilding them than EDM Zap. With a wide range of parts and supplies available, we can help keep your equipment productive and profitable for years.

Parts: If you need parts for your machine, EDM Zap can help. We offer pump parts, leadscrews, motors, gaskets, filters, switches and much more. For your ERM/Xermac power supply, we can repair boards, provide parts such as switches, blowers, cables, and electronic components. We also have operator and maintenance manuals.

Service: EDM Zap services and supports virtually all ERM and Xermac equipment. From the X-12 to the X-80 CNC. Including power supplies under the ERM name – whether it is an HP and HPD to the Xermac FX series including the popular FX-100. From Chicago, EDM Zap travels all over North America to service equipment in the field. Many times we can diagnose the problem over the phone and you can simply send in components for repair. For many years, EDM Zap was a dealer for Xermac and provided factory service. In addition, our lead engineer worked with Xermac to design and build equipment.

For more information on EDM Zap, visit online: www.edmzap.com

Xermac History

ERM (later changed to Xermac) was founded in 1969 by a group of former Elox engineers. They began by producing power supplies and shortly thereafter added EDM machines to their line. Their products quickly became known for legendary ruggedness and high quality, making them sought after particularly by the automotive and aerospace industries. A wide selection of products was offered including the supersized Xermac X-80 that had a 30,000 pound capacity. However, superior quality and service was not enough for the company to escape the manufacturing recession of the 1990s. Fortunately, the durability of their machines combined with EDM Zap expertise in providing service, parts, and upgrades means Xermac EDMs can continue profitable lives for years to come.