EDM Zap was a dealer for Xermac and provided authorized factory service during their corporate existence and consulted with them extensively in the designing and building of their products. We continue to service virtually all Xermac and ERM equipment and can provide on-site repair throughout the world.

EDM Zap also offers in house repair of components and equipment. Many customers ship individual components for repair and testing and when the repair is completed it is shipped back to you. Additional services such as full equipment service is also available where customers send in entire machines or power supplies for check-up, service, repair, and testing.

Partial list of the ERM / Xermac equipment we service:

ERM / Xermac EDM Power Supply:
ERM / Xermac HP-60, HP-120, HPD-120, HPD-240
Xermac FX-50, FX-100, FX-200, FX-400

ERM / Xermac EDM Machine Tool:
ERM / Xermac XP-10, X-12, XP-12, X-20, XP-20, X-40, X-54, X-80
Xermac “i” series Xi-14, Xi-16, Xi-32

If you do not see your equipment, call or email us for information. We probably service it but did not list it.


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EDM Zap Xermac Service Bulletin

Date: June 1, 2011
Bulletin: Back up Memory Failure / Operating System Parameter Loss
Models Affected: All ZNC and CNC Computer Controlled Models
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